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Soulgasm: A Tantric Experience

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About the Audio Serie

Love is the most powerful vibration a human soul can access. When we practice accessing this state with intentionality, we can manifest the desires of our heart with grace and ease. Soulgasm: A Tantric Experience is a unique technique designed to reconnect you to your most powerful, creative, and healing energy, also known as kundalini. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to move your life force energy through each energy center to call in more love, intimacy, and connection in your life. During a typical session, participants are guided through an inner chakra journey designed to help them connect with their bodies, tap into their inner power, and cultivate a state of deep surrender. Each song is curated for a specific energy center to release and activate each chakra, leading you to profound inner awareness. As the practice continues, participants experience a sense of expansion and heightened awareness accompanied by feelings of pleasure, peace, and a deep sense of connection to the universe. Through this expanded state of consciousness, individuals are better able to connect with their inner wisdom allowing them to identify and move towards their deepest desires and shift their actions and ultimately, their reality.

Who Is This For?

This event is for anyone who’s looking to call in more love into their life - whether that’s in the form of connection, inspiration, creativity or opening your heart to receive more out of this human experience. If you’re single, this experience helps you connect to your heart and body in a way that activates your intuition and aligns your energetic body to be a match to the desire you’re calling in. Think of it as a physical manifestation practice. For couples, this experience allows you and your partner a safe space to explore energetic pleasure and profound intimacy on a multi-dimensional level.

Workshop Benefits

After this workshop people feel more open to connection and some have even accessed euphoric states. With practice, you’ll learn to embody and hold the frequency of multi-dimensional love. Here’s what else you can experience .… Feelings of connectedness to body and soul Tingling sensations of pleasure throughout your body Heightened awareness and focus Enhanced creativity Improved emotional well-being Enhanced manifestation Increased energy and vitality Increased relaxation and stress reduction


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