Quickest way to learn to swim is jump in the water.

Category:Business Success

Quickest way to learn to swim is jump in the water...you either swim, dog paddle or back float...but not to shore...because the shore, or stable job, exists no longer. Now, how can you make a buck to feed yourself and care for your family? As long as you are feeding you and your family, and you are healthier not commuting, punching a clock, or weeding another's garden of dreams while your soil is never turned...that is progress and never do you need to become a millionaire. Just feed your family and weed your gardens...and always be a curious and ardent student.

Being healthy is more than a clean diet and exercise. It's about our attitudes, emotions, beliefs, thoughts and actions.

When life gets challenging always remember that the sun rises everyday bringing a new opportunity for us to try again and do better.

It can get intense out there and we can get easily distracted by the noise. Awareness is key. What energy are you nurturing? Remember, we are the co-creators of our own reality,

what we believe we create!


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