Dr. Mike Varshavski Shares Tips on Avoiding the Second Wave of the Flu Season

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around the corner but the flu has gotten

not gotten the memo the flu has gotten

to stick around a little bit a second

wave of the flu out there cold coughs

they will not go away they are lingering

here to tell us how to get through all

of it dr. Mike for ash of ski we got is

do you tailor those scrubs I used to

tell her my scars but then I found fill

it in that's yeah I started going to the

gym I guess I mean it's okay now to


leave well cuz the fluid likes to stick

around and there's gonna be a second

wave of a different strain so we have to

still get our flu shot do we have to get

like a booster foot no no we already got

if you got your flu shot you're gonna be


this one is working about 45 percent

which sounds not great but is actually

awesome okay because we're having a mild

flu season and if you get these bad boys

every year consecutively they're gonna

work even better and even if you are to

get the flu it's gonna be a milder case

less complications so you have to get

your flu shot okay

next do you have a six-pack now right

now it's on vacation but it's gonna come

back soon all right so next if you are

unlucky enough to get the flu you can

take an antiviral medication that your

doctor can prescribe two options you

have Tamiflu here is that flu Zahir they

work a little bit differently one is one

time dosing Tamiflu is five times five

days in a row okay is one more effective

than the other um they work slightly

differently depending on what you're

trying to achieve But you

want to stay warm then you got the

humidifier here at night in the bedroom

this is clutch yeah it keeps your mucus

membranes moist yes which makes you feel

better but then also it decreases that

post nasal drip because the lack of

dryness dr. Mike here's my question when

we're on the street corner and somebody

coughs or sneezes how long do I have to

hold my breath for before it basically I

have bad news

hours what do you mean out hours what

does that mean herma germs have hang time yes so if someone walks into this

room yeah sneezes yes walks out doesn't

cover it doesn't dab the right way yeah

we it's good hang out here progress well

thanks for the bad news doctor the great stuff we shake good see do


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