Adding to the Lives of Others

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Several years ago, a close friend and teacher of mine shared the concept of "Adding and Subtracting". He explained that the purpose of life is to be able to add to the lives of others...not subtract! During this same conversation he declared that I was an "Adder" and that most of the time I was attracting "Subtractors" due to the fact that it was simple universal math.

The cool part though is that with understanding, these patterns can be reprogrammed with new concepts and belief systems and new paradigms. With this new awareness, I was able to quickly identify other "Adders" and my new reality became "Adders" + "Adders" which felt so good. I began surrounding myself with people that helped each other and dramatically started to see my life change. I was stronger because I was supported.

I was reminded of this law of the universe recently, when I met a very kind soul who is open and giving. I intuitively felt inspired to share about "Adders" and "Subtractors" with him as it felt that there might be a chance his energy was being consumed by those not returning it in some way. This new friend appreciated my words and I write today with the hope that maybe they will also resonate with someone that comes across this article.

The path to awareness is long and windy and much more fun when taken together with a friend, a partner, a coach. 



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