Adding Humor to the Mix !

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Adding humor to the mix

Throughout my life, I have found that humor has served me well on almost all occasions. Whether it's in a professional or personal setting, I've found that using humor as a tool to connect with people is an effective way to break the ice and create a comfortable atmosphere.

I've found that humor is an excellent tool to help me connect with people and establish trust. When I'm speaking with someone, whether it's a prospect or a new colleague, I often use humor as a way to let their guard down. If I can make someone laugh, even for a second, it's often enough to create a moment of connection and open up the possibility for further dialogue.

I have found that in business and personal interactions humor can be a powerful tool for breaking down barriers and making a connection. Humor allows me to approach people who may have enormous resumes and extensive expertise with a degree of lightness and informality.

For example, when I meet someone I'll make a joke and say something like " Please explain to me…. I read your bio… how did you get to be such an under-achiever" ? (delivered in a funny and sarcastic way). It's my way of breaking the ice and showing that I don't take myself too seriously.

I've found that using humor in this way has often led to many conversations starting this way, it helped me to establish a connection, build rapport, and lead the conversation into areas that I'm curious about, it's been an effective tool that I use all the time when meeting people and prospects for the first time.

In addition to using humor, I have also found that being purposely provocative can be an effective conversation starter. I've used this approach in various situations, especially when meeting new people and being asked about my profession.

 I would tell them I have just been released from jail and was looking for a gig to get back in the community. This would often lead to surprised and curious looks on their faces, but it was an effective way to break the ice and start a conversation.

This approach may not be suitable for all people and all situations, but it's been a way for me to be authentic and break the monotony of small talk. I've found that being bold and daring can be a great conversation starter and make people feel more comfortable opening up. I also used it as a way to showcase my own authenticity and comfort in my own skin.

I've done this countless times, laughed a lot and made countless connections, and it's always been a conversation starter. It was a way for me to be different and make a memorable impression, I would then steer the conversation towards something more serious or professional, it helped me to establish trust and a sense of humor which makes people feel at ease.


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