Doing Your Thing

Published: May 24th, 2023

Doing your Thing !

I have been doing my thing for over 50 years, I have innovated, trailblazed, pioneered (got a few arrows in my back) been a visionary and have been wrong. I have been constantly reinventing and creating everyday. It's my passion. Some days are easier than others. It takes a lot to create an environment where you can be in a flow and create. I have intentionality and purpose. I have created my “man cave” where I spend lots of hours and am filled everyday with joy. Somedays I push the noodle a long distance, some days only an inch. I am good at compartmentalizing. I don't run mind trips on myself. I forge on and go for it. You can too !

This article is about setting goals and striving for success in life. It emphasizes the importance of finding your “sweet spot” and believing in yourself to reach new heights. Loving what you do is also crucial for success as it shows in your work and leads to achievement. 

What do you want to accomplish in your lifetime? How do you want to focus your energy: on survival, success, or significance? We live in a time and place with too many opportunities for survival alone. And there's more to life than mere success. We need to dream big !

Believing in yourself is the biggest obstacle to success for most people. Once you find what you’re good at (your “sweet spot”), it’s usually not a lack of talent that holds you back, but a lack of trust in yourself. This can be a self-imposed limit. But when you believe in yourself, you unleash power and resources that can help you reach new heights. Your potential is what you can become, and belief helps you reach for it.

Set High Goals for Yourself

We can’t act in a way that doesn’t match our expectations for ourselves. For example, there’s a story about an aviation pioneer who built a plane before the Wright brothers made their famous flight. He was afraid to fly it and it sat in his barn. Maybe he was afraid because it had never been done before, or maybe he expected to fail. Either way, we can’t live in a way that doesn’t match our expectations for ourselves.

Passion Is the First Step to Achievement Loving what you do is the key that opens the door for achievement. When you don't like what you're doing, it really shows-no matter how hard you try to pretend it doesn't.

Liking what you do is the key to success. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, it shows, no matter how hard you try to hide it.

Taking Action

When it comes to taking action, there are 4 types of people:

People who do the right thing without being told

People who do the right thing when told

People who do the right thing after being told multiple times

People who never do the right thing

 Believing in yourself and setting high expectations for yourself is crucial in reaching your potential and unlocking your full potential. Finding passion in what you do and taking initiative is a key to achieving success.

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